Swim Run Jersey


3D Events and Vaughan Robinson are delighted to launch Swim Run Jersey , which will take place on Saturday 3 September 2022. The event will provide athletes with a challenging course around Jersey’s dramatic coastline, including many technical entries in and out of the sea. This event offers you the opportunity to (safely) take on one of the biggest tides in the world and also see the natural rugged beauty of our historic island.

The event will continue the swimrun standards already set in Jersey and will be available to solo and teams (two people) depending on the course distance. In 2022, we are operating; Full Course from Gorey Castle to Portlet (teams only), Sprint Course from Gorey Castle to Sorel (solo and teams) and a new Experience Course from Gorey Castle to St Catherine’s (solo only).


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The entry fee includes: swim caps; finishers’ goodies; race nutrition and hydration.

The courses are fully way-marked with marshalled checkpoints and transitions and all swims have comprehensive water safety cover

Experience – 4k Experience course, solo entries only

  • Total Distance: 4km
  • Stages: 3 runs: 2.4km | 2 swims: 1.6km
  • Checkpoints: None
  • Estimated completion time (hours): 50mins-90mins
  • View course here

Sprint – 20km Sprint course, team & solo entries

  • Total Distance: 20km
  • Stages: 6 runs: 15.5km | 5 swims: 4.5km
  • Checkpoints: 2CP: Hydration & Nutrition available
  • Estimated completion time (hours): 2:45-5:00
  • View course here

Full – 53km Full course, team entries only

  • Total Distance: 53km: 
  • Stages: 9 runs: 46km | 8 swims: 7km
  • Checkpoints: 7CP: Hydration & Nutrition available
  • Estimated completion time (hours): 6:30-11:15
  • View course here


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Join the Swim Run Jersey event team! For a full day of volunteering, you will receive a transferable, free entry to the following year of the Swim Run Jersey race, or 50% off for a half day.

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For all enquiries please contact the events team on enquiries@3d-events.co.uk or call 01534 505926