About 3D

3D Events is a Jersey based event management company made up of an experienced team of professionals who have made their mark in the events industry.

07.08 - Aztecfest 2017_0595_07Andrew Thomas – Managing Director

Andrew has over twenty years of experience in events industry, having spent his early years working on MICE events for a large event agency in the South East of England, he then moved to the Jersey in 2002, from where he has organised hundreds of high profile events in the Channel Islands, UK and Europe.

Meticulous planning skills mean Andrew consistently delivers programmes on time, within budget and to the exact needs of the organisation and its employees.

Andrew also has a significant understanding of what is needed to create a tangible impact on behalf of the businesses he represents. His focused, engaging and pragmatic approach allows him to continually challenge the way things are done and strive to make them even better.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-thomas-1309b312/

32cb16_404f908ffb81448ba2c38b77f38e9092~mv2Sharn Le Masurier – Account / Event Manager

Sharn has been an integral part of the 3D Events team for over three years. Sharn manages a significant number of client accounts and ensures that their events are delivered to the very highest standard, she does this with an unrivalled passion and with such a genuine desire to bring success for her clients.

With a degree in International Event Management and a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Sharn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her events and knows only too well what it takes to manage and promote events to ensure that they always meet our clients objectives.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharn-le-masurier-a864a113a/

Katie Lenthall – Account / Event Manager09.14 - Aztecfest_0303_4221

Katie brings national event experience to the team, having previously been based in London, she has worked in the events industry for over seven years, including four years at Formula 1, which allowed her to gain global event experience whilst travelling around the world working with sport and hospitality!

Katie’s enthusiasm, knowledge and experience allows her to create and manage innovative and exciting events across all industry sectors.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-lenthall-8756a742/

Niamh Bio 3dNiamh Chipperfield – Marketing & Administration Manager

Niamh is the newest member of the 3D Team and she brings her creative vision to the company with over 10 years experience in the Events and Marketing industry. Niamh is dedicated to the promotion of our events, and will have a particular focus on generating awareness and growth across all of our events under management.

Niamh will be working closely with our Account Managers and will be managing the promotional campaigns for events, utilising a mix of digital and traditional media platforms. Niamh’s aim is to ensure that each event ‘stands out from the crowd’ and engages strongly with each target demographic.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niamh-chipperfield-7a901b49/

VToeJYB%Rai%hzJijVdstA_thumb_48feJJ Gallagher – Logistics Manager

JJ gets stuff done, on time, on budget and he generally makes light work of complex event logistics. You will often see JJ moving around the Island setting up our event sites and race courses. With significant experience in activating large brands such as Coca Cola in local jurisdictions, he is well qualified to manage our sponsor brand plans across multiple event sites. JJ’s sidekick, Sammie the super dog is never too from from his side!


Karin Wery – Associate Event Manager

Karin has previously enjoyed an international career including event management, marketing and corporate hospitality programs for global brands including Walt Disney Company, ExxonMobil Motorsport (McLaren and Toyota sponsorship in Formula One), Nickelodeon and McDonald’s representation at the Beijing Olympics. Karin now works as an associate for 3D Events, supporting the company in the management of our larger more high-profile projects.

05.14 - Durrell Challenge _0316_7161Gemma Fish – Associate Event Manager

Gemma is previous full time member of the 3D Events team, who also spent five years as the co-ordinator at the Jersey Conference Bureau. Gemma has extensive knowledge of Jersey’s MICE industry and over 14 years of experience in the events industry. Gemma is a key member of the 3D Events team and her positive attitude and infectious personality ensure the events she manages are always delivered to their full potential and always with a smile on her face!