Community & Trade

Community / Public Events

3D Events are passionate about producing events in the community. Besides being a whole lot of fun, we believe that well-managed events offer a host of economic and social benefits to communities. A successful event will attract visitors to a region and help build a community, foster a sense of pride within a community, and engage a community.

We work with our clients, sponsors and government departments to produce community events that provide opportunities for celebration, participation, skills development, volunteering and social, cultural, economic and environmental developments.

Charity / Fundraising Events

Most successful businesses and charities recognise the importance of holding and supporting fundraising events and initiatives, not only to provide much needed funds to these causes, but also to remain engaged with the local community.

Most commonly, these events take the form of gala dinners, fetes, challenge events and expeditions/trips overseas, however there is no limit to the creativeness of fundraising events and here at 3D, we regularly receive enquiries from clients who have new fundraising ideas and plans. Our job is to take these fantastic ideas and turn them into reality. We can take care of as little, or as much as is required of us. Our team is experienced at the planning, management and execution stages, and will also help to find by investment from sponsors, partners and supporters to help make the event a success.

Trade Shows / Trade Fairs / Exhibitions

At 3D Events we are committed to supporting Industry, and we have built a healthy reputation for supporting our clients in the production of large-scale, annual trade shows (B2B), trade fairs (business to client) and exhibitions, helping our clients and exhibitors to engage mass audiences in doing so.

Trade shows, fairs and exhibitions are a valuable and effective marketing and promotional tool for many industries. According to research, 86% of decision makers view trade shows, fairs and exhibitions as some of the most important instruments in assisting them with their business activities.

These events provide multiple opportunities and benefits to exhibitors and visitors alike and offer the opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers and peers in a professional and interactive environment.

Product Launches

3D Events help businesses to create the perfect environment and setting to launch their new product or service, ensuring they are unique and reach the right people in the most creative way possible.

We support our clients in the planning and execution of product launches, where they need to be well thought through, focused and targeted to achieve the right outcome and ROI.


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