Promotional Services

At 3D Events we appreciate that every event is unique and targets a very specific audience. Our team work with you to identify your target audience and budget, before creating promotional strategies that utilise the most effective promotional channels to reach and retain your audience.

We develop promotional strategies and manage the tactical implementation. Our services include:

  • Event Micro Website Production – and Content Management
  • Domain Purchasing – Advice on domain names and registration
  • Social Media Management – Daily Administration of Channels
  • Paid Social Media – Ad Placement, Management and Measuring
  • Commercial Radio – Strategic Advice and Ad Placement
  • Digital Advertising Bookings – Local, National and International Publications
  • Print Advertising Bookings – Strategic Advice and Ad Placement
  • Event Handbooks – Strategic Advice and Design Agency Management
  • Banner Site Booking – (inc placing out, taking down and recycling)
  • Email Marketing / Newsletters – Design, Production and Mail-Out Processes
  • Partner Outreach – Management of Stakeholders, Partners, Supporters to help ‘spread the word’

Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is a fast growing and very effective form of marketing. Sponsorship can be financial or in-kind support of an activity or service and offers an effective way to reach specified business goals.

Aligning a brand with a highly successful event offers multiple benefits; key sponsorship benefits include: Brand Awareness, Media Exposure, Community Engagement, Staff Engagement, Hospitality, Consumer Perception, Efficient Lead Generation, Sales Goals, Focused Content Strategy, Audience Insights, Business Relationships, Return on Investment.

3D Events has an array of high profile events under management, and we have some exciting opportunities available on events from Marathons to Triathlons, from Boat Shows to Air Displays and from Conferences to Gala Dinners.

Please contact the team for further information on event sponsorship opportunities.

Brand Activation

Brand Activation is a marketing discipline that allows brands to be brought to life via memorable first-hand experiences that form long-term emotional connections with potential Customers. Successful activations of brands will create strong emotional connections that will lead to enhanced awareness, brand switching and brand loyalty.

3D Events offers companies a number of opportunities to activate their brands. We have an array of events, including trade fairs, community events and sporting events under management, that could provide the perfect demographic to activate your brand.

We also help activate brands as unique stand-alone events, and so if you are considering ‘experiential marketing’, ‘sampling campaigns’ or ‘in store brand activations’ then speak to our team who will be happy to propose some creative ideas and solutions.


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